Environmental Protection

Focus on Environmental Protection

Industrial gases are mainly produced by air separation units and separation of equipment production. It uses air as raw material and adopts the physical reaction “cryogenic method”, which uses different oxygen and nitrogen boiling points in the air to separate various gases to produce oxygen, nitrogen, argon, liquid oxygen, liquid nitrogen and liquid argon. The whole production process of SCGC is environmentally friendly, non-toxic and non-polluting.

Environmental Standards

1) Environmental Permits and Reports

All gases supply points of SCGC are required to obtain all necessary environmental permits, approval documents and registration certificates, maintained and updated from time to time. These supply points comply with the operation and reporting requirements of the licenses.

2) Prevent Pollution and Save Resources

The consumptions of all gases supply points are reduced or eliminated (including water and energy) at the source or through practices such as improved production, maintenance and facility processes, replacement materials, natural resource savings, material recovery and reuse.

3) Air Emissions

Enriched oxygen, air and other emissions generated by all gases supply points in the production process are identified, monitored, controlled and treated as required before emissions.

SCGC will provide customers with professional gas services. Professional gas treatment is our core competitiveness. We are aware of local laws and regulations and have developed a comprehensive program to provide support and help customers to minimize the risk, ensuring the highest quality of products and maximum safety in using all processes of SCGC.

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