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  • 2018-05-24

Post duties:

1. Responsible for the collection and establishment of information databases for foreign gas users;

2. Responsible for establishing information collection channels for gas users;

3. Responsible for developing regional and potential customers who meet the company's investment criteria;

4. Responsible for establishing and developing prioritized public relations for potential customers;

5. Responsible for compiling action schemes, proposals and gas supply contracts for prioritized potential customers;

6. Provide support to other international business representatives;

7. Responsible for research and advancement of development opportunities for existing clients;

8. Other work assigned by the company.


1. Fully understand and agree with the corporate culture and values of SCGC;

2. Bachelor degree or above;

3. More than 3-year experience in mechanical equipment, engineering project sales or related experience, gas industry experience is preferred;

4. Careful logic analysis and judgment ability;

5. Good self-confidence, cheerful and optimistic;

6. Excellent writing skills;

7. Proficient in using office software, network and computer operation techniques;

8. Good at communication, excellent coordination and language skills, business English writing ability and fluent oral English;

9. Have a good team spirit;

10. Have the ability to continuously learn new knowledge;

11. In good health, able to withstand high-intensity work, with passion and dedication, meet the frequent travel requirements at home and abroad;

12. Can meet the requirements of overseas assignments;

13. Have good self-regulation ability, positive attitudes and strong ability to withstand pressure;

14. Can adapt to the company's development, accept relevant changes, and be able to accept various adjustments caused by the company's management and business model transformation process.

Please put your resume to the following mailbox

Recruitment mailbox:hr@scgcgroup.com

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