SCGC has many years of gases supply experience in smelting industry, and can provide equipment selection and procurement, process design, license obtaining, operation management of gas factories and other services. Industrial gases produced by SCGC are widely used in smelting industry to reduce costs, increase productivity, and decrease environmental pollution.

Industrial nitrogen supplied by SCGC is mainly used for annealing, carbonization, carburizing, quenching, powder metal sintering and high temperature furnace protection of steel, iron, copper and aluminum products, cryogenic assembly of metal parts and plasma cutting. For example, rolling steel, galvanizing, chrome plating, heat treatment (especially thin steel sheets), continuous casting, etc., must use nitrogen as a shielding gas.

SCGC helps you save energy and reduce emissions, increase production capacity and decrease environmental pollution. Industrial oxygen supplied by SCGC is mainly used in metal processing for cutting and welding in steel, oxygen-enriched smelting of non-ferrous metal and machining such as oxygen blowing steel, top blowing or bottom blowing steelmaking of converter pure oxygen, electric arc-furnace steelmaking and open-hearth steelmaking. Coal injection ironmaking of blast furnace enriched oxygen can improve the utilization factor and reduce the coke ratio. Smelting reduction ironmaking uses pure oxygen to burn coal instead of coke ironmaking.

SCGC can formulate efficient and stable industrial gases solutions according to customers’ demand in smelting industry, and provide high-quality industrial gases, which will significantly increase production capacity, save energy and reduce emissions for customers, and contribute to the protection of ecological environment. If you would like to know more, you can contact us directly.

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