Chemical formula: N2. Under normal conditions, it is a colorless, odorless and non-toxic gas. Generally, nitrogen is less dense than air. Nitrogen accounts for 78.08% (volume fraction) of the total atmosphere and it is also a main component of the air. At a standard atmospheric pressure, nitrogen cooled to -195.8 ° C can become a colorless liquid. When cooled to -209.8 ° C, the liquid nitrogen became a snowy solid. The chemical nature of nitrogen is inactive, almost completely inert, causing suffocation at high concentrations.

  • Production Introduction
  • Specific Applications
  • Supply Methods

SCGC supplies customers with nitrogen and liquid nitrogen. See the table below for details.

Name Purity
High purity>99.999%
Nitrogen Low purity>90%
Liquid nitrogen >99.999%

SCGC will develop nitrogen products according to your needs. Please contact us to customize your nitrogen supply solutions.

Welding Protection;Oil Refining;

Metal Processing Protection;Car Tires;

Aerospace;Metallurgical Chemicals;

Glass Manufacturing;Food and Beverage;

Medical Insurance.

Cylinders: For applications wherenitrogen is used in small amounts, SCGC can supply customers with nitrogen inhigh-pressure cylinders.

Liquid Nitrogen Tankers: SCGC providesa bulk liquid nitrogen supply system according to customers’ needs, which canmeet various nitrogen purity requirements.

On-site Gases Production:

Air Separation Cryogenic Units: Air separation units of SCGC can supply high-purity nitrogen 24 hours a day withoutany investment from customers. It only needs you to provide your demand, land,water and electricity. SCGC can buildyour own gas factory according to your demand.

Vacuum Pressure Swing Absorption(VPSA) / Pressure Swing Absorption (PSA): VPSA/PSA nitrogen generators of SCGC can significantly reduce energy consumption for customers, provide installation and maintenance, more suitable for those customers who need less-purified oxygen with large amounts.

If you are not sure which method is more suitable for you, please contact us and we will design the best solution for your specific operational needs.

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