Chemical Processing

The industrial nitrogen produced by SCGC is mainly used in the production of coal chemical, synthetic ammonia, caprolactam, ethylene, propylene, polyvinyl chloride, rayon, synthetic fiber, silicone rubber products, etc., creating an oxygen-free atmosphere in the chemical process to improve production safety and power source of fluid delivery, etc. Meanwhile, the industrial nitrogen, as protective gas, replacement gas and washing gas, can ensure safe production.

Efficient and reliable gases supply system produces safe and efficient chemicals.

SCGC has sufficient gas industry expertise and experience to develop, implement and operate efficient, stable and reliable gases supply system for chemical industry customers, and to meet environmental protection requirements and improve production efficiency. If you want to know more, please contact us and we will serve you in a timely manner.

The industrial oxygen produced by SCGC is used as an oxidant for converting solid coal into a combustible gas mixture during coal gasification; in the liquefaction of coal, oxygen is extensively used to convert coal from hydrogen-depleted solid hydrocarbons to hydrogen-rich liquid hydrocarbons.

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