Safety & Health

Safety and Health

Safety Management Mission - Safety First

Safety Management Objective: To ensure the safety of employees and equipment.

        How to ensure safety?

Strictly implement the safety, health, quality and environmental management standards of SCGC in design, manufacture and installation.

Strict requirements are placed on the safety, reliability and long-term stable operation of the gas equipment provided.

Strictly implement SCGC industry management system to ensure the safety and reliability of products and operation.

Safe, healthy, high-quality environmental protection requirements and standards are comprehensively implemented at each project site.

Safety standards

1) Occupational Safety

SCGC controls the potential hazards that employees face in the workplace through proper design, engineering and management controls, preventive maintenance, safe operating procedures and continuous safety knowledge training. For other hazards that cannot be effectively controlled by the above methods, we provide our employees with appropriate and well-maintained personal protective equipment.

2) Emergency Plans

SCGC minimizes the negative impacts by identifying and assessing emergencies and incidents, as well as by implementing emergency plans, including emergency reporting, notifying staff of evacuation steps, training and drills for workers, proper fire detection and fire suppression equipment, adequate exit facilities and recovery plans.

3) Occupational Injuries and Diseases

SCGC prevents, manages, tracks, and reports occupational injuries and diseases through the formulation of procedures and systems, including the followings: a) encouraging employees reporting; b) classifying and documenting injury and illness cases; c) providing necessary treatment; d) investigating cases and implementing corrective actions to eliminate similar situations; e) assisting employees in returning to work.

4) Industrial Hygiene

SCGC identifies, assesses, and controls the impact of chemical, biological, and physical factors on employees. Excessive exposure to hazardous sources is controlled through engineering techniques and management tools. When it is unable to effectively control hazards through these methods, we establish and operate appropriate personal protective equipment programs to protect employees’ health.

5) Work With High Physical Demand

SCGC identifies, evaluates, and controls the impact of high-intensity labor on employees, including manual handling of materials and repeated lifting of heavy objects, prolonged standing, and highly repetitive or powerful assembly work.

6) Machine Protection

SCGC is assessed for hazards in production equipment and other machines. Physical guards, linkages, and barriers are provided for machinery that can cause injury to workers and properly maintained.

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