Carbon Dioxide

Carbon Dioxide

Chemical formula: CO2. It is one of the main components in the air, a common greenhouse gas and a gaseous compound. Carbon reacts with oxygen to form a chemical formula, CO2, and a carbon dioxide molecule consists of two oxygen atoms and one carbon atom through a covalent bond. At normal temperature, carbon dioxide is a colorless, odorless, and non-flammable gas with more density than air and slightly soluble in water. Carbon dioxide is mainly used in food and beverage as well as agriculture.

  • Production Introduction
  • Specific Applications
  • Supply Methods

SCGC provides customers withgaseous, solid and liquid carbon dioxide.

SCGC develop carbon dioxideproducts according to your needs. Please contact us to customize your carbondioxide supply solutions.

Food and Beverage


Welding Protection

Sewage Treatment

Cylinders: For applications where CO2is used in small amounts, SCGC can supply customers with carbon dioxide in high-pressurecylinders.

Liquid Tankers: SCGC provides a bulkliquid carbon dioxide supply system according to customers’ needs.

If you are not sure which methodis more suitable for you, please contact us and we will design the bestsolution for your specific operational needs.

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