Other Industries

Industrial gases are the foundation of industry. Called as the blood of industrial development, they enjoy an important position and role in the entire national economy. Industrial gases are widely used in metallurgy, chemicals, machinery, electronics, petroleum, aerospace, national defense construction, health care, food, etc. In many important fields, they work as indispensable raw material gases or process gases, supporting the development of various industries in national economy and also promoting the development and progress of abundant industrial gases technology.

Atmosphere protection experts in the manufacturing processes of new materials, lithium battery materials and other products.

SCGC can provide excellent atmosphere protection for producing new materials, lithium batteries and other products to meet gases demand of these industries. If you want to know more, please contact us and we will provide you with professional service.

With continuous development of industry, the emerging industrial business has also put forward new application requirements for industrial gases. The core value of SCGC, pursuit of excellence, leads SCGC to continuously develop new gases applications technology and meet market demand.

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