Chemical formula: H2. Hydrogen is extremely flammable, colorless, transparent and odorless. As the smallest-density known gas in the world, hydrogen has the density only 1/14 of the air. At normal temperature and pressure, gaseous hydrogen does not react with most substances. However, hydrogen reacts with many acetylenic materials at higher pressure and moderate temperature. The normal boiling point of liquid nitrogen hydrogen is -252.8 ° C, which is the most cryogenic gas except for helium.

  • Production Introduction
  • Specific Applications
  • Supply Methods

SCGC supplies customers with hydrogen.See the table below for details.

Name Purity
Hydrogen High purity>99.999%
Hydrogen Low purity>99%

SCGC will develop hydrogen products according toyour needs. Please contact us to customize your hydrogen supply solutions.

Oil Refining;Aerospace;Glass Manufacturing

Electronics;Hydrogen Fuel Cells;

New Materials;Hydrotreating Stations.

Cylinders: For applications wherenitrogen is used in small amounts, SCGC can supply customers with hydrogen inhigh-pressure cylinders.

Tube Bundle Trucks: SCGC providesa bulk tube bundle supply system according to customers’ needs.

On-site Gases Production:

On-site Hydrogen Production Units: On-site hydrogen production units of SCGC can supply high-purity hydrogen 24 hours a day without any investment from customers. It only needs you to provide your demand, land, water and electricity. SCGC can build your own gas factory according to your demand.

If you are not sure which method is more suitable for you, please contact us and we will design the best solution for your specific operational needs.

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