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In December 2018, a new member of SCGC Group was welcomed in its business map. Through the efforts of the business development team of the Group, an excellent glassware enterprise has been successfully signed in Anhui. According to the gas supply contract signed by both sides, SCGC Group will provide long-term gas supply and service for the company.

"SCGC Group is a professional gas company, providing safe, reliable and economical gas supply and a package of solutions. Because our company's business is growing further, gas consumption will rise significantly in the future with the development of technological renovation projects, therefore, we hope to find a trustworthy professional gas company to provide us with safe and reliable gas products and comprehensive services. The chairman of the owner highly recognized the Group. Mr. JACK, Chief Operating Officer of SCGC Group, also delivered an enthusiastic speech that "Thanks for your trust in SCGC Group. Our Group has a complete set of gas technology solutions, excellent products and experienced professional operation team and we will help our customers realize their future development vision as early as possible."

In June 2018, SCGC Group wholly purchased Anhui Century Gases Co., Ltd. and established Anhui Chinllenge Gases Co., Ltd. Based on Chuzhou City and the purpose of promoting the development of the neighboring regions, the goal of establishing Anhui SCGC as the most competitive gas company in Anhui area was initially realized with the efforts of all parties in the Group.

In a short period of six months, SCGC Group, relied on Anhui SCGC, has carefully laid out the gas market in Anhui and has signed nearly 10 gas customers. The gas supply mode covers liquid, pipeline and field.

The development of SCGC Group and Anhui SCGC cannot be separated from the strong support of the government departments. Leaders of the Group at all levels have visited leaders of the government departments at various levels many times, and leaders of relevant departments have also visited SCGC Group and given their guidance many times. They jointly discuss the further participation of SCGC Group in local industrial planning, the integration and standardization of regional gas markets, and the higher-quality provision of safe, reliable and economical gas products, technologies and services for the customers. SCGC Group is committed to investing more resources in Anhui to promote the growth of Wanjiang Economic Belt!

SCGC Group, headquartered in Shanghai, China, is a professional gas company focusing on industrial gas technology, products as well as services. Its business covers all parts of China and overseas areas, providing the customers with field gas supply (ONSITE), pipeline gas of parks, liquid, packaging gas products and a package of gas solutions and services, such as gas application planning, gas technology consultation, EPC, BOT, equipment leasing, gas factory operation and management. Its users include electronics, chemical industry, food, medical care, new energy, shipbuilding, metal processing, glass, fiberglass, national defense construction and other industries.

SCGC Group possesses all various technologies and rich operational experience, including deep cold air separation, natural gas hydrocarbon steam conversion/ methanol cracking/ water electrolysis/ ammonia decomposition hydrogen production, VPSA oxygen production, PSA nitrogen and oxygen production and can jointly select the most suitable gas solution with the customers according to their actual needs.

SCGC Group has industry-leading remote monitoring and unattended technology. Our Global Remote Monitoring Center and excellent operating team provide safe and reliable products for global gas plants and customers around the clock. Based on our own technology and Made in China,  SCGC Group Engineering can build gas factories for the customers with high speed and high quality in any region around the world.

Integrity, Excellence, be the leader of the gas industry to create a brighter tomorrow with you hand in hand!

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